Single Seater Bio Tank

Single Seater – Bio Tank

  • Advantages : The toilets can be assembled at the site in one hour and transported in a knock down condition in a truck , thus, a 20 ft truck can carry 100 pieces which handles the challenge of logistics in an innovative manner leading to cost optimization We also undertake installation of these toilets at any given site and terrain, being modular in design, a single seater toilet can be made operational in less than 1 hour with a few technical people overseeing the job. We make toilets out of Sheet metal, PUF Panel and CFB material-Choice of the material is dictated by terrain, cost and customer requirement. Each unit has several sub sections which make maintenance easy and cheap.
  • The various technologies used for the outlet that are available with us are :
    • Leach Pit
    • Septic Tank
  • Bio Toilets : We have captured the concept of a bio toilet made to an Indian specification which can satisfy the need for value for money and at the same time incorporating the latest of the technologies. We have experience of working with rural India as well as urban. We have partnered with various NGOs of repute.